Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Ziggy Mae

It's true, I actually named a goat something beside baby spots or mama browns. This little doe is named Ziggy Mae simply because she's the cutest little bottle baby I've ever raised, and so in turn, Tom gave me permission to buy her a hot pink dog collar. I'm sure little Ziggy is very embarrassed, but tough, this collar symbolizes that she's my favorite, and she might even last long on the farm!

Ziggy Mae is a constant bother but a blessing, her mama won't let her nurse, so every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, (and after dinner snack), she gets a chance on the teat. I give mama spots grain and hold her until little Ziggy is full, it's a full time job, but have you seen how cute Ziggy is?

Also, after rummaging through names I came up with Ziggy pretty easy-the black hair down her spine is not in a straight line, it zig zags all the way from her neck to her little tail, it was so perfect! And I added Mae because it seemed to flow a little better and sounded cuter too!

We'll see if I can get my hubby to keep her for a future milking herd!

The Farmer's Wife

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