Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Little Helper

As I've been organizing the nursery in preparation for this little girl, Heston has been on my heels, wanting to see everything I'm doing and wanting to help with everything in the process.

First he found her piggy bank encased in styrofoam that he needed to investigate and disassemble. I came around the corner to find pieces everywhere, he was pretty proud of himself.

Then, in my hair drawer I have black and white stretchy headbands for my bad hair/bang days, and when Heston sees me wear them he wants to try them out for himself, so this is what he ends up with and it makes me giggle each time. So stylish!

I got a pink and grey car seat cover for Heston's infant car seat, because of course this little one needs girly touches (Tom's not impressed) and Heston was definitely right there in the action to help his mom cover and re-style his little sister's seat. Oh Heston, how you keep me on my toes!

The Farmer's Wife

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