Monday, February 17, 2014

A Trip Up to Winnie's

With me already feeling like a cow and about 9 months preggo, taking Heston on adventures is a lifesaver!
I can get out of the house, and if Tom's close (or up to it) he'll meet me and help with Heston.

I had heard through the Creighton grapevine that one of the Holstein mama cows up at Winnie's barn had calved. She was bred by a Brown Swiss and had a beautiful little brown heifer calf. I decided that it was the perfect time to call Tom up and see if he was ready for a field trip!

I bundled Heston up and we met Tom at the barn. Tom was the best tour guide a mom could ask for. If you've noticed the bandit mask, our house has been sick for awhile and with the wind out here, Tom wears that mask to protect his face from any further drafts. He looks pretty scary though if I do say so myself. 

I made Tom pose with Heston in front of the cows, I think he's smiling....

We then ventured onto the sheep pen and Heston was pretty entertained.

His favorite animal right now is a cow and if you ask him what sound it makes, he'll tell you, and it's pretty cute.

 Until next time!

The Farmer's Wife and Cow Lover's Mom

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