Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My New Milking Herd Addition

This is little Delilah, or Dynah, I haven't decided on the name quite yet. Her mama is the one I had mentioned before, Glory, who we bought off of an FFA student.

Glory was bred twice and never got pregnant, so we acquired her, and just assumed that when we got a positive preg check she had been bred by one of our Angus bulls. When Tom told me Glory was calving, I expected to come running up to the barn to see a black Angus calf.

Instead, this is what popped out, a cute little Holstein heifer! Everyone was surprised! Glory must have been preggie when we bought her! So now mama and baby are the start of my very own Holstein milking herd, and my brother-in-law even got me a whole milking kit to get started. I'm hoping Tom brings them out to our casa and we can have our own herd here!

Isn't she cute?

The Farmer's Wife

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