Sunday, March 13, 2011

Goats & Kids!

It's true! I'm now a goat owner, but not just of one, but 6!

Tom brought home 2 mama goats a week ago to have as lawn mowers out here on the farm, and they both had their babies a week apart. So now 2 mama goats and 4 kids, whew!

They're so cute. Kids (baby goats) actually hop around and jump sideways, I've never seen anything like it!

This one pictured is our only male and the only multicolor one, the other 3 are girls and white with brown ears.

I feel like we're a real functioning farm now, who knew all I needed were some goats to top it off!

The Farmer's Wife


Mike said...

Wow, and you don't even have to put gas in 'em. What a great idea!!!

Mandi said...

Sooo cute! Jealous of your baby goats!

Mandi said...

Soo cute! Jealous of your baby goats :D