Sunday, February 27, 2011

The New Batch

The mama cat did it again, we're on litter number 3, wait 4? She's preggie again, but we've just let batch 3 out into the farm life.

This is M&M (mini me) he looks the same as Poofycus in batch number 2 (hmm, they're all starting to look alike).

This is one of their first days romping around the farm, and M&M went right for the old engine, he's a natural.

He has the same demeanor as Poofycus in batch number 2, we're pretty lucky. M&M follows me to the chicken coop to help me feed (and keep a close watch on the chickies, I've seen him pounce at the fence a couple times). He helps Ginger finish up the milk, food, and water in her dishes, and even catches me an occasional mousie from the hay stack, I think I'll keep him!

The Farmer's Wife


Mike said...

I'm glad you found the other kittens. I guess they were gone for a few days, huh?

Mandi said...

Aww! How cute!!