Friday, April 23, 2010

An Energy Farm in Weldon?

Good morning!

Well it's happening even here in Weldon, the County of Kern is proposing to allocate 500 acres of prime farm land to build solar panels. These panels will not lower the cost of energy for our residents, but instead will be sent out of the Kern River Valley to bigger counties.

This will in no way benefit our valley, and will be such an eye sore for any tourists, if they even want to come through here again.

I'm doing my best to speak out about this issue, it's just ridiculous what they're planning on doing.
To read more about this proposed solar project, here's the 61 page description. Oddly enough, the county is actually undergoing 11 projects at the same time, so all 11 need to be addressed, but the Weldon Solar Project is the one that will effect us most. Please, if you want to preserve this valley, make your voice heard by contacting Kern County.

Hoping to keep this valley solar free,
The Farmer's Wife


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