Monday, January 25, 2016

The Start of a New Year

I'm going to try (keyword- try) to post more of my life here on the farm throughout the year but no promises!

Mostly these days it's just catch up with dishes and meals and laundry and vacuuming, nothing too exciting, but I've been trying to snap more pictures of the kids in their kodak moments.

The other night I passed out the toothbrushes to the kids and said "time to brush your teefies!" So this is how I found Sadie: reading a book on the fireplace, and Heston: standing on the sink actually brushing his teeth. I thought it was too quiet in the house.....

Then the kids helped me make the Pioneer Woman's mocha brownies and they were so good! Heston got to lick the beater for the first time in his life and Sadie was a little hesitant but she caught on fast.

Sadie always wants the stool to see what I'm doing up on the counter and it's a love/hate relationship. If I put her too close to the sink she'll turn the water on a make a mess, but if I put her close to the microwave I'll find spoons, forks, and the salt and pepper shakers hidden inside of it. 
Sadie's favorite thing is emptying the salt and pepper shakers. So I finally relented and let her make a mess on the floor with all the salt and bowls and funnels she wanted. It lasted about ten minutes and then she was bored, go figure!

Until next time,
The Farmer's Wife

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