Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pregnancy Pictures and My Two Kiddos

My good friend Jocelyn took my maternity pictures at 7 months preggo with Sadie. She has such an eye for things, these old trucks are right here in my front yard, but I never thought they'd look this good in a picture! Anyways, here I am decked out like a Holstein cow (which is what I felt like at the time).

I'm glad I have pictures as proof and also a comparison to Heston. I kept pulling out the maternity book I made when I was preggie with Hes to see if I'd still have a big baby, ugh!

 This picture is the one I made Tom take as we were heading out to the hospital. Look how puffy I was, yucky! Granted, this was taken at 2 am, and I did my best to try and do my hair and makeup in between contractions.
Then here's my precious little Sadie. Born in at 9 pounds 12 ounces. And she resembles her brother sooooo much!

 Look at those Creighton ears!
 This is me the day before giving birth to Heston. Just looking back at these pictures I hurt!
Sadie is almost a month old and here's Heston at a month, boy how similar they are!

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