Thursday, April 17, 2014

Heston's Adventures

With the new baby here, Heston has been into everything! I think he's testing me, and winning!

Heston loves to play in the fireplace (when there's no fire of course) and so the end result is tons of ashes and soot everywhere. He was awfully quiet the other day, and this is how I found him. He had painted himself with ashes while playing cards and then tried to put the cards into the diaper genie. Oh boy! He did such a good job painting his face, I told him he'd be an excellent makeup artist.

 Heston also likes to dress himself. So here is one of his outfits, and it matches pretty well if I do say so myself. Go Heston!
 Heston always steals shoes now. So when Tom comes home he makes it a point to at least walk around the kitchen in his daddy's boots.
 While I'm feeding little Sadie, it's much easier to have Heston play outside with the dogs and his new bubble blaster! The other day he came into the house looking like a little dirt devil and had a scrape on his forehead. I asked him what happened and he said: "Uh Oh".  Yea, that's what I thought too. He smelled of dogfood and was drenched in water, so maybe he tripped coming in. Needless to say, it was time to brush his dogfood smelling teeth and give him a bath. He wasn't too excited to wash off his battle wounds.

Then here he is out of the bath. I told you he loves shoes! Don't ever tell him there a picture of his nakey buns on the internet!

The Farmer's Wife

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