Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heston and His Daily Grind

I think these pictures were all taken in the same day, and I realize just how mobile this kid is!

So first things first, playing peek-a-boo under the laundry room sink. He loves the curtain I made to cover everything underneath there. He still pulls everything out to show me what's hidden, thank you child.

Then Tom wasn't feeling so well so I made him soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Heston never wants to miss out on having lunch with daddy so I wheeled him over next to him so they could eat and watch Sports Center together. They match! I just realized this!

Chinese food was the dinner choice and Heston seemed to love it all. He loves to smear food all over himself, especially his golden locks, and he didn't realize that he had noodled himself, I was laughing and he, as seen here, had no humor in the matter. Noodle head.

After bathy time I let Hes just roam around and get his wiggles out, and after a long period of silence which is never good at this age, I came into the bathroom to see this. Thank you child for taking all the toilet paper off the roll!

I love this life, and Heston is work, yes, but when I blog about this kinda stuff, I always seem to laugh a little at the memories!

The Farmer's Wife

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Mandi said...

Every picture makes me giggle!!! The high chair picture is going to have to be one of those ones you recreate when he's 25. That would be so cute!!! Awww baby heston. He's just the best!