Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Chick!

I haven't really been on my game with the egg collecting and we have 4 matching black chickens, so I can never tell them apart.

Winnie had asked me if I had a setting chicken (a hen that nests on her eggs, in preparation to hatch them out), I told her "no not right now" which was totally true. When I'd collect eggs in the morning there would be a hen setting maybe twice out of the 7 times a week I'd check.

Yesterday I went out to feed the chickens and noticed that a black mama hen was talking different, more clucking and she was poofing out her feathers. As I listened closer I heard a little peep, and there it was, a little black chick.

I love watching the relationship between a mama and baby, it's so refreshing and innocent. This mama is so proud, she's very protective and is showing her little baby off to all the other mother hens who are totally jealous. Let's just hope that this little chick is a hen and not a rooster!

The Farmer's Wife

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