Friday, December 2, 2011

The Realities of a Farm Life

I went outside to feed the animals this morning, and lo and behold, Ginger has brought me another gift.

It's so yucky, but what can I do?
During the night she scavenges and brings back treasures she finds, this was her late night find.

Yes, it's a cow leg (the cow has been dead for awhile, Ginger didn't kill it) and she even brought back another leg and hip which is on the front lawn. On our walks around the farm fields she'll bring me cattle hides and organs as well. My question is, how does she tote all these back from the pastures. The cows are miles off and yet she still seems to keep bringing me new parts every morning.

Our entire front yard is a bone yard. I've tried to throw all the parts over the fence and she just keeps bringing them back. Oh joy!

The Farmer's Wife

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Mike said...

So country life isn't always just riding around on horses and making desserts???? What gives?