Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home Improvements

When Tom had left for deer hunting about a month ago, I was awake all through the night addicted to Pinterest and making a list of things I wanted to update in the casa that I had seen on Pinterest.

Sadly, once Tom returned, my free time was next to nada and my list of improvements laid dormant in my to-do folder.

But today I had some time and a nice little burst of energy, and I accomplished number 5 on my list: hang measuring cups and spoons.

In my kitchen I only have 1 drawer, yes, that's right, just uno. So to free up some space in there, I decided that I would hang them on the inside of my cabinet door instead. Now my little drawer has an extra area of space that I can actually put more utensils in, imagine that!

Granted, every time I open this cabinet door, it's met with a nice plastic banging sound from the cups and spoons, but it's starting to grow on me. To-do list, here I come! Again!

The Farmer's Wife

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