Thursday, July 14, 2011

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Thankfully, our cat breeding herd is very diverse (that's a joke). The same mama cat keeps getting pregnant by who knows and we keep getting cats that look the same.

I had happened to open the door just as the sun was coming up this morning to find the Older Tomcat cuddled up on the one nice outdoor pillow. "Good morning" I said as I scratched his head. I went back inside.

I came out again to feed the goats, and who do I see but the second Brother Cat (we're very original with names) sitting on the same pillow hoping for me to scratch his head too (so jealous and also very smart).

I can hardly start to tell them apart, but if you look closely, one of these matching cats has two different colored eyes, so pretty.

Oh the joys of living on a farm!

The Farmer's Wife


Mandi said...

Yaaay kittens!! I like when they're actually mellow.

Mike said...

I can't tell our apart either..unless the one has that little tuft of hair sticking up!