Friday, July 29, 2011

Everything's Growin'!

Summertime is here again and our garden out back is flourishing!

It has just started producing veggies so I'm trying to be more on top of it and harvest at least 2x a day.

Here is our first batch of pickling cucumbers. I'm so excited! Last year none of our cucumbers came up. I've never pickled cucumbers before, so we'll see if it's Tom approved. Last year I made bread and butter pickles out of the huge cucumbers and it was pretty nasty. Tom's more of a dill man. So I'll wait 24 hours before taste testing!

The Farmer's Wife


Anonymous said...

I have made so many dill pickles in my life! your jars are so pretty. All I can remember is stuffing so much fresh dill in that my hands were tired. But they were delicious and worth the time~

Mike said...

That looks delicious Sis!!!

Mike said... better refrigerate those pickles. They shouldn't set on the counter that long!!!!