Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Life Long Dream

Me with Trixie/Roo (Both of my heifers looked similar) My new heifer with Stephanie-her owner

In high school I decided to raise a dairy heifer in FFA after years of sheep I was ready to progress. It had never been done in our FFA chapter, but I was going to buck the trend.

I had two dairy heifers, one never took (never got pregnant-twice!) and my second one aborted before fair which was an instant disqualification. Needless to say, I never really had any good luck with both heifers, but they were by far my most memorable years in high school.

I had always dreamed of having my own small herd of dairy heifers (Holsteins) and had the opportunity to buy one from a high school FFA student down here in the valley. She was going through the same trouble I had encountered in high school so my heart went out to her. When I asked my hubby if we could purchase this girl's heifer, he said we definitely didn't need another milk cow, I was so bummed!

The girl called again in a last minute effort to save her poor heifer from the hamburger auction (this is the sad reality, both of mine went there). My husband has such a good heart, he couldn't say no twice, so guess who has an eartag that says "Kristi" in it? My new holstein heifer! I'm so excited, Tom even said that I can keep the calf! Here's to fresh farm milk!

The Farmer's Wife

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Mandi said...

Kristi!!! I can't wait to meet her!!!