Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Day of Crafts

It's time for my little Heston to move from his bassinette to his crib. I've tried it several times, but he wakes up crying, oh fiddlesticks!

So I googled how to make your baby sleep through the transition into a crib and I found out that nurses in the NICU make these sleep sacks filled with rice that you can nuke, therefore the baby thinks it's being cradled by their warm mama. So I sewed one up, and it works!

I hadn't sewed in a while, so it was kind of a practice round, but Tom said that I did pretty good!

 I also decided to make a new table runner for our piano. It was originally a white runner from KMart, but I thought I could do better. I took a length of burlap and hot glued some lace onto the ends, so here's the end result, I thought it was pretty cute myself!

Then I realized how bored I was with my blank white wall above the tv (yes, I was watching Bravo thank heavens it didn't show the logo, people would think I was addicted!), so I bought a full length mirror from Wally World and some decals from Michaels and make this deco that I can hang on that blank, boring space. This verse was one of my favorite when Tom and I were trying so hard to get preggie, so I decided that it was perfect to put in the living room. In case you can't read it well, it's Phillipians 4:19 "All I have need of his hand will provide, great is Thy faithfulness". Once Tom puts it up, I'll post more pics.

Now onto more crafts that I want to get done, thanks Pinterest!

The Farmer's Wife

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Mandi said...

You have to come over and help me decorate!!