Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heart of Gold

At my bridal shower, there was a game in which the ladies would answer questions about Tom and I.The questions were stated and then followed by four answers- each answer was the title of a song. When one of the question stated "what is one of Kristi's favorite's personality traits of Tom", my answer was "Heart of Gold". Great song by the way.

The reason I said all of this is because last night, after a long long weekend, Tom came home tired and beat around 8pm. And much to my surprise, hanging from his man hands was this gorgeous bouquet that he thoughtfully cut with his pocket knife. This is why I still fall in love with him each day.

He truly still does have a heart of gold. Mushy, I know.....

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Mike said...

That is wonderful Sis. He is a Great husband and a fine man!!!