Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our New Visitor

Ginger is such a social butterfly!

Our next door neighbors are great, and they have 3 weenie dogs. This one, Allucia, is definitely Ginger's favorite. Ginger will be gone all day only to return panting with little "weenie" at her side. Who knows what they do all day out in the fields.

At night, I head outside to feed the dog, and Ginger is sleeping on the doormat while weenie is sleeping in Ginger's dog bed.

Weenie also thinks she's the boss. When I open my front door, she comes right in and sits on the chair. Oh so cute! But then she misses her family and heads back home, last night Ginger was very melancholy without her friend.

Until next time Weenie/Allucia!

The Farmer's Wife


Mike said...

YIKES! I just can't seem to get used to Weenie Dogs!!! They are definately NOT built for speed!

Mandi said...

Haha!!! This is just soooo funny!